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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Miracle Key that Removes My Troubles...

This morning, at around 11am plus, I was rushing for time and was late for an appointment. I usually have a habit of locking the door of my room when I go out. So as usual, as I prepared to head out, I slammed the door shut behind me. But a minute later, I realised that my room keys were still in my drawer!

But it was too late for me to do anything, and as I was rushing for time, my mum helped to open the main door for me to leave the house speedily.

Along the way, when I was on the train, I was praying hard and asked God for help. My mum doesn’t have the keys to my room, and all the spare keys are in my room, so I kept praying that somehow, there would be a way for me to open the door of my room.

Then, when I searched my bag for my phone, I suddenly felt my keys inside! At that moment I thought, “God answered my prayer!” It was great that I had somehow put my keys inside my bag when I was preparing to head out.

Submitted by: Yuanting on 14 April
Posted by: Kelly Low on 14 April

Kelly thinks that God holds the key to every problem and trouble! Whee!

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